Porsche 964 / 993 engine mount

Regarding quality there are different Porsche 964 / 993 engine mounts on the market and most of them had troubles with the rubber getting loose.
If you have encountered with this problem, we are happy to let you know that our Porsche parts program is richer with new produced and technically upgraded Porsche 964 / 993 engine mount.
We have even made one step further and are offering Porsche 964 / 993 engine mounts in three different varieties:
PR13018P – street version (65 shores rubber)
PR13016P – racing version (75 shores rubber)
PR13017P – racing/tunning (uniball instead of rubber)

Porsche 928 torque tube bearings

If you are an owner of Porsche 928 and have problems with torque tube bearings, you now have an option to rebuild it.
We produced a set which includes 2 pieces of rubber carriers and 3 pieces of bushings with bearings (PR13015P).

Apart from the complete SET of bearings for Porsche 928 torque tube, we also offer the bearings individualy.

Porsche 993 tie rod assembly

Our production is richer for completely new produced part – Porsche 993 tie rod assembly (PR01033P). 

We can supply you with complete tie rod assembly or seperately with tie rod ends (PR01023P) and axial joints (PR04004P).

Porsche hexagon nuts

Porsche hexagon nut M12x1,5 / replacement for 999.084.449.09

Our Porsche program range offers also newly produced hexagon nut, suitable for following models: Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Boxster,
Porsche 996, 997, 991