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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any warranty on your parts ?
Yes, we do offer 2 years warranty on all our new and rebuild Porsche / Ferrari parts, without any limited mileage.
Do you have any minimal order quantity ?
No, we do not have any minimal order quantity. We can also ship just one piece.
Do you work with individuals or just companies ?
We mostly work with companies, as we supply Prekom parts for Porsche and Ferrari models exclusivelly to many countries in the world. But do drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to help you.
Do you produce parts on demand ?
Many customers have specific demands, so we are always looking forward to new challenges. E-mail us your wishes, drawings or scetches and we will be happy to help. Most parts, which are produced on demand, are used in race cars.
How good is rebuild part comparing to newly produced part ?
Rebuilding was once the only option for parts, which were almost impossible to find on the market, but we set up completely new meaning for it now. Saving our planet has never been so important than now. Why changing the complete wishbone, if you can only change the ball joint or maybe the bushings. Exchanging just the vital parts saves energy, but you also increase the value of a vintage car, as you still keep the original part on it.
Rebuild part is as good as the new produced part, sometimes even better, as in situations with industrial technology mistakes, we can avoid them and up-grade the part. We also offer 2 years warranty on each rebuild part – the same as on all our new produced parts, without any mileage limitations. You can read more information regarding renovation vs. new producet part on our blog post here.