The best things always start from a passion and so did our story with upgraded 4×4 parts.

Even though our company Prekom is specialized in Porsche and Ferrari steering and suspension parts, part of our team is huge overland travel enthusiast.

Being on the road, looking for off the beaten paths with like-minded friends, all kinds of things had happened – from broken parts (shock absorbers, power steering box sector shaft, CV joints, drop links) to pull out polyurethane castor bushings.

A true headache when you are miles away from civilization.

As soon as the travel ended, it was time to fix the cars. What better place to look for some 4×4 parts than on your workplace?
We have more than 40 years of experiences with production and industrial renovation of different steering and suspension car parts – from tuning, racing, to off-road vehicles.


Offset castor bushings and heavy duty extended sway bars

Having our own vulcanized department, we immediately started to work on the 5,60mm offset castor rubber bushings for Toyota Landcruiser 80 (suitable also for 78/79/105 and Nissan Patrol GQ/GU). Not just hearing, but seeing the problems from the road (pulled-out when driving the Romanian Carpathian Mountains), we decided to forget about the polyurethane. It does not give any flexibility and can cause pull-outs due to strong forces when driving off-road.

Instead of polyurethane we decided for harder rubber. The rubber gives more flexibility to the part and makes it more endurance. When the right rubber shores are used, the bushings give the best quality ride on and off-road.   
The other problematic part was from Toyota Landcruiser 100. The rear sway bar links broke after driven the first sand dunes when crossing the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. Luckily the crossing was still possible, but it would be a better filling if the car would have all its steering and suspension parts in its place. 

We manufacture all our parts in house, using the best raw materials (steel, aluminum, rubber) from trusted EU suppliers, who meet our exact standards and quality control.  But I guess our biggest advantage is, that we are not just a regular producer, but at the same time also day to day user of the parts in practice, knowing exactly what 4×4 user wants and needs.
Currently we only stock the 5,60mm offset castor bushings for Toyota Landcruiser 78/79/80/105 and Nissan Patrol GQ/GU and the heavy duty rear extended sway bar links for Toyota Landcruiser 100, as this is what our overland travel team needed.

Here for you

Give us a shout if you have problems with other steering and suspension parts. We can discuss about improovements, upgrades and different constructions to make your 4×4 ride more enjoyable and safe.

“As much as fixing the car in the middle of no-where is exciting and a good story to tell, nothing bits pure enjoyment of a great off-road drive and a nice cold beer with friends besides the evening camp fire, instead of long hours repairing the car ….”

What is better for your Porsche / Ferrari – new produced parts or renovated parts?

Ever since we started with renovation of old steering and suspension parts (more than 40 years ago), we have been dealing with numerous questions, what is better. Many people still have doubts towards renovation, so it is time to finally reveal the mystery.
At Prekom we are dealing with renovation and production of new parts every day. Actually, before we started with new produced parts, we had only been working on renovation. Four decades of specialized work brought us many experiences and knowledge, which we put into daily practice.
Each part, which we get here is unique in its own way and many of them cannot even be renovated with the same technologies and processes, even though they might seem identical. Renovation processes and technologies diverse, depending on how much a part is worn down and/or used. But different approaches bring the same results at the end.
Luckily, we have renovated all kind of parts throughout the years – from steering and suspension parts belonging to personal cars, commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, forklifts, agricultural machineries to even trains. We were encountered by different technologies and solutions, which gave as the needed knowledge what works best so we are confident in what we do.
It is almost impossible to say what is better – renovated or new produced part, as lots depends on the part itself. Some parts are very unique and impossible to get on the market – especially for vintage cars and older models, so in many cases, the only option is actually just renovation.
Renovation is also great for specific wishes. We get many customers from track / racing fields, who have more demanding wishes and with renovation we can upgrade the part, make it stronger and longer lasting. The technologies that we use depend on where the car will be used (track, off-road, street).
Last but not least, renovation is good for many other things too.  Nowadays everyone talks about nature and being ecological. You can help saving our planet with renovation, what is sort of recycling. Why would you change the complete part, if you can change only the vital parts like bushings/silent blocs and ball joints. To top it all off, if you have a vintage car, renovation will help you to keep the original parts on the car, what will also increase its value.
In many cases you don’t even have an option to choose among renovation or new produced part, but the reason is not the quality, but more or less in the model. We, at Prekom always focus on the quality, no matter for which option we decide. No matter if your Porsche or Ferrari will have rebuild or new produced Prekom parts assembled on, you can be certain that your car will not let you down.