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Who we are

Our company Prekom d.o.o., Livada 47, 1354 Horjul, Slovenia owns the website address

What personal data we collect ?

Our site collects data required for google service of google analytics. We make sure that your IP remains private.
If you are uncomfortable with your data being collected you can disable it here: 

What cookies do we collect


  • Used to distinguish users.
  • 2 years


  • Used to distinguish users.
  • 24 hours


Why we collect it

We collect your data to get a better picture about who our costumers are

Who we share your data with

Google Analytics

Can Google identify me with the data collected in the cookies

No. For each website that uses Google Analytics the user has different id that is determined randomly.

What about my IP

To prevent google from collecting you personal data the IP adresses are being masked.

If you have any further questions refer to: