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About us

Everything started with a passion
Our family passion has always been cars, technology and aiming doing things that we like the most. This little spark was the reason to start with production and renovation of steering and suspension car parts in 1978. Now the second generation in the family is already running the business,  upgrading it with Porsche and Ferrari parts, which are being sold all over the world. 
Nowadays, focusing mostly on Porsche and Ferrari parts, we are best known for production and industrial renovation of vintage steering and suspension parts. Nevertheless, our product range keeps increasing with parts for newer models too. 
Due to part of our team and their like minded friends, big off-road and overland travel enthusiasts, we have added few upgraded 4×4 parts to the program as well.

Focusing on excellence and experiences 

Our biggest advantage is that we have more than 40 years of experiences in production and industrial renovation of steering and suspension parts. Joining the knowledge with innovations and technologies lead us to hight quality parts production. 
We are known to only source materials from trusted suppliers from European Union, who meet our exact standards and quality control. 

Porsche and Ferrari as our strongest production program
Working on Porsche and Ferrari steering and suspension parts means only the best is good enough. To monitor each production process, we are working on all of them in house – developing, making tools, construction, milling to packing. We try to be self-sufficient and that is why our production includes rubber / vulcanization department too. 

It is never hard to go to work if your work is your passion.

 We are always looking for new challenges. Contact us for specific individual queries.